Trends in Wellbeing for Māori Families, 1981–2006

The report tracks 25 years of wellbeing using census data to construct and report on household wellbeing indicators overtime. The report was commissioned by Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga and written by Associate Professor Cindy Kiro, Martin von Randow and Andrew Sporle. This report is the first to specifically concentrate on Māori whānau and households providing a framework for monitoring whānau wellbeing through the use and analyses of Census data.

Facilitating whānau resilience

In 2009 Whakauae Research for Māori Health and Development (WRMHD) in association with Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority and the Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) began a two year project. Its aims were first, to determine if the concept of resilience described in Western academic literature holds resonance in Māori primary health approaches, and second, to determine in what ways whānau resilience is supported and enhanced by Māori primary health care services.

Whānau Ora: Visualising a New Future

Addictions are now epidemic in New Zealand society and the lifestyles of Māori modelled on non-Māori is now creating considerable health issues in whānau. Results of an exploratory study on the impact of gambling on Māori will be presented in relation to the need for Whānau Ora to be a bipartisan policy and programme for at least a decade or more to address intergenerational trauma.